johnnypi10 asked:
Hi Francios, SCP has been going one way during the past 4 months. From a share price of 219cps on 29/04/2016 to 142cps on 26/08/2016 - a loss of [read more]
Published at 29 Aug. 2016 in: Financing 1 answer
I need advice on home business opportunities, I dont need to pay to start, too much scam has gotten me jittery. [read more]
Published at 24 Aug. 2015 in: Business Ideas Financing Biz op Enterpreneurshio 1 answer
I am looking for an investor for a business that I want to buy. There are number which makes this business attractive, namely it is a very profitable [read more]
Published at 16 Oct. 2013 in: Business Plans Financing Funding
What's the difference between direct and indirect financing? [read more]
Published at 01 Oct. 2013 in: Investment Financing 1 answer
Hi, I need some help writing a business plan. What are the main elements/sections to be included in a quality business plan? [read more]
Published at 22 Mar. 2013 in: Business Plans Sections New business Financing 1 answer
How does one find investors to finance a small business? I see less and less people who are willing to help others and in business it's even worse. [read more]
Published at 21 Mar. 2013 in: Investment Funding Financing Startup financing 1 answer
Please excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is equity financing? [read more]
Published at 19 Mar. 2013 in: Investment Financing Funding Startup 1 answer
Hello, I am planning on opening a bridal shop in the next few months and I need to write a business plan to obtain a loan. I would appreciate any [read more]
Published at 11 Mar. 2013 in: Business Plans Bank loan Financing Bridal shop 1 answer
Are there any viable methods of raising money for a startup without involving banks? [read more]
Published at 28 Feb. 2013 in: Business Development Financing Funding Startup 1 answer
Hi everyone. I've come up with a fantastic idea for a new social media platform - online community and I think it would be a great hit. The problem [read more]
Published at 27 Feb. 2013 in: Business Ideas Online Business Financing Social media 1 answer
Hi, I'm thinking of starting a business with wedding gowns. I want to open an online shop selling wedding gowns. But I don't know where to get [read more]
Published at 18 Feb. 2013 in: Business Development Financing Funding Online shop 1 answer
Hi there, could anyone provide some information on the Moneystar franchise - how to get started, investment, other costs, etc. Thanks [read more]
Published at 14 Feb. 2013 in: Franchises Investment Financing 1 answer
Hi, I need some advice from experienced business men. How did you manage to set up your business, obtain financing and so on? How do you make a small [read more]
Published at 12 Feb. 2013 in: Entrepreneurship Financing Startup New business 1 answer
What can I do if banks refuse to give me loans to start my own business? How can I get funding or convince banks to lend me the money? [read more]
Published at 08 Feb. 2013 in: Entrepreneurship Financing Bank loan Funding Startup 1 answer

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