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I wish to start my own business of taxi owner [read more]
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How can you tell your employees that they're not doing something right without being the bad guy? [read more]
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How can you make sure your employees are doing their jobs? What type of qualities should you look for in order to hire the best and most qualified [read more]
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Hi, I have an employee who keeps taking very frequent coffee breaks. It is really getting on my nerves, I feel like it's interrupting his work and [read more]
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I'd appreciate your tips on how to maintain good working relationships with colleagues, supervisors, employees, and so on, in the workplace. Thank [read more]
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How do you develop a social media policy for your business? [read more]
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Can anyone tell me what employee profiling is all about? What is it exactly, from a manager's point of view? [read more]
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How can one announce pay cuts to employees without being too harsh? It's a matter of life and death, I cannot afford to pay full salaries anymore. [read more]
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how much outsourcing companies would charge for payroll services? I'm thinking in terms of price per employee. [read more]
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Do you think it’s a good idea to hire relatives or is it better to hire others? I have to make a decision soon regarding a family member who [read more]
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I’m looking for some relevant recruiting strategies to implement. How do I find nice people, who are not afraid of work and who will be devoted [read more]
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