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LULAMAZ asked:
I want to register for the Red Hot trader service but my problem is that I DON'T have a credit card, I wanted to ask whether there are other methods [read more]
Published at 06 Nov. 2016 in: Customer Service Other methods of payment 1 answer
Dimples asked:
Hi Aiden I would just like to know once we start trading, how long before we may start making withdrawels. Also how long would it take to appear [read more]
Published at 26 Oct. 2016 in: Customer Service Withdrawels 1 answer
makid asked:
you email addres to show you that i have paid for your betting subscription of 249.00 and could you pls provide me with my sms and emails as you [read more]
Published at 11 Oct. 2016 in: Customer Service Reports sms emails
When I subcrice to Red hot Penny You now invest for me our what is the next step? Or I still have to buy R100.00 shares [read more]
Published at 28 Aug. 2016 in: Customer Service 1 answer
laniktrd asked:
I'm a subscriber for 22+ weeks of which I have not been able to access your reports through FSP. (It cycles) Can't access my reports from Jan/Feb [read more]
Published at 29 Mar. 2016 in: Customer Service Shares Fsp block 3 answers
visser36 asked:
Hello I already signed up and got my first 2 sms's re. options. Why do you then still send me emails abut signing up? Or is this one of those scams [read more]
Published at 16 Feb. 2016 in: Customer Service 1 answer
What are the best, most effective methods or strategies companies use to make sure that their customers are fully satisfied? [read more]
Published at 23 Jul. 2014 in: Entrepreneurship Customer satisfaction Customer Service 1 answer
I've signed up to unconventional millionaire in December 2013 and I received the blue prints but didn't get the wealth building books. I've contacted [read more]
Published at 18 Feb. 2014 in: Customer Service
I would like to start a call centre business what must i do? What are the requirements? [read more]
Published at 04 Jan. 2014 in: Customer Service Customer Service
I'm looking for ways to get the goods I buy online to be just the way I like them. Can you suggest some sites I could visit for customised consumer [read more]
Published at 02 Dec. 2013 in: Customer Service Customisation 1 answer
Hi, I am looking in buying a car but I do not have a drivers licence but my husband do have one, can I still buy or not? [read more]
Published at 07 Nov. 2013 in: Customer Service
Hi, can you recommend some good courier companies to use for delivering goods in South Africa? Thanks [read more]
Published at 18 Jun. 2013 in: Customer Service Deliver goods Courier services 2 answers
What are the most efficient methods of following up with customers after they've made an important purchase? From what I understand, this is a great [read more]
Published at 14 May. 2013 in: Customer Service Customer satisfaction Customer follow up 2 answers
Hi all, can you help me understand the most common causes of poor customer service and how this issue can be resolved within a small business? [read more]
Published at 13 May. 2013 in: Customer Service Small business development Management issues How to improve customer service 2 answers

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