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Just wanted to know what is happening with Argent, why is the share price still going down? i bought @ R7,16 in Jan and now the share price is R5,17. when is it anticipated to go up? must i hold or sell?

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 User  thabiso asked at 25 Mar. 2013


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Timon @timonr Rosso
 Expert Timon @timonr Rosso answered to question to 27 Mar. 2013
When it comes to these Penny Shares I trade using certain modes in the market.

So at the moment, Argent is in what I call a Bear mode which generally means, it's coming down. So if you do not have a plan in place then you should be cautious with knowing these shares xcan plummet down to 2c..

I was in a very emotional roller-coaster 5 years ago trading all penny shares and since then I learnt how to put a more protective trading plan in place.

Find out what this 27 year old trader did to turn R30,000 into R150,000 in 3 years!

He didn’t spend hours in front of a computer. In fact, he only traded 30 minutes a day.


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