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"Timon's strategy or Forex Cycle Trend?"

I want to start forex trading. I'm relatively new in forex but have been doing some equity trading for few months and thus have a basic idea of trading and I use online trading platform from one of the banks.

I understand Timon's strategy offers help based on prevailing signals while Forex Cycle Trend provides charts based on current data.
1) If I have to use only one of these two services, which one would you recommend?
2) Besides trading/brokerage costs, what other fees should I be aware of over and above the product price.

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 User  papabenn asked at 02 Dec. 2013


2 answers

Timon @timonr Rosso
 Expert Timon @timonr Rosso answered to question to 03 Dec. 2013
There are money back guarantees for both, so feel free to try them out and then you may make your decision to see which one works for you better...

With Cycle Trends Forex there is an MBG of 30 days and with Forex Trader there is an MBG of 90 days...

The trick is to find what works for you before you officially financially commit anything...

Best of luck on your Trading Journey...

 User reuxe249 answered the user’s Timon @timonr Rosso to 24 Dec. 2013
Will it be possible and advantageous to use both methods?

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