Have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Timon Rossolimos, 04 Jan. 2016

Thank you to each and everyone for really bringing life to the InvestorsClub.co.za over 2015...

it's been a fantastic year filled with amazing questions and answers....

Here are the Five Christmas scams of Christmas which you can enjoy reading before you get started for 2016...

Five Christmas trading scams - part 1: Bank R100,000 with just R10,000 OVERNIGHT! http://fspinvest.co.za/articles/trading/five-christmas-trading-scams-part-1-bank-r100000-with-just-r10000-overnight-6902.html

Five Christmas trading scams - part 2: Choosing the cheapest broker can be the costliest mistake you make! http://fspinvest.co.za/articles/trading/five-christmas-trading-scams-part-2-choosing-the-cheapest-broker-can-be-the-costliest-mistake-you-make-6903.html

Five Christmas trading scams - Part 3: watch out for the Forex fishermen! http://fspinvest.co.za/articles/trading/five-christmas-trading-scams-part-3-watch-out-for-the-forex-fishermen-6904.html

Five Christmas trading scams - Part 4: Beware of the trading job offers for R100,000 a month! http://fspinvest.co.za/articles/trading/five-christmas-trading-scams-part-4-beware-of-the-trading-job-offers-for-r100000-a-month-6905.html

Five Christmas trading scams - Part 5: Your trading scam questions answered! http://fspinvest.co.za/articles/trading/five-christmas-trading-scams-part-5-your-trading-scam-questions-answered-6906.html

All the best,

"Wisdom yields Wealth"

Timon Rossolimos

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