Learning the stock market: The impact of market fundamentals on share prices

Julie Brownlee, Fsp Invest, 17 Apr. 2014

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You might have heard the phrase: ‘You can’t beat the market.” This means that the market will always find its own level. And this gives a price that buyers and sellers meet. But there are things that affect the market and therefore the price of shares. So it’s important that you know what these are and the long-term effect on your shares. Let’s delve a bit deeper…

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The effect of market fundamentals

Market fundamentals affect the price of shares. Every company on the stock market, to some degree is subject to market sentiment.

Why is this the case? Why should great companies have to worry about what the market’s up to?

The answer lies in that fact that there are some market factors that affect all companies, regardless of the size of a company or its stature.

Market factors that affect share prices

Market factors include things like interest rates, rate of corporate taxation, what’s going on overseas and any political developments, the team of experts at The South African Investor explain.

You need to watch out for bubbles emerging too in the stock market. Think about the dotcom boom and bust. This sector was so fashionable because of the arrival of the internet. It led shares in IT and telecoms to boom. Only to crash.

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Don’t worry about market fundamentals over the long-term

Think of your shares like this…

You can easily sell you shares for cash. When there are times of economic uncertainly or wars, cash becomes more important. As you can easily sell shares for cash, this is what some people do. And this effects the share price.

Over the short-term, market fundamentals can have a bearing on the price of your shares.

Over the long-term, a company’s shares will reflect the true value of the business and its future prospects.

So there you have it, the impact of market fundamentals on share prices

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