5 Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Startup

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 22 Feb. 2016

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Have you recently started your own company, but are struggling when it comes to actually making your brand known? Rest assured that many before you have faced the same troubles, but the good news is that there are plenty of marketing strategies you can implement with little effort and without wasting precious financial resources.

After you’ve picked out a business name, it’s time to consolidate your brand. Before actively promoting your brand, you must have a clear image of your target customer: likes and dislikes, social status, what he looks for in a product or service. This will help you identify the needs and wants which your products or services must fulfill and discover how to generate interest in your brand.
We’ve thought of a few startup promotion ideas which do not require a lot of money and are quite easy to implement.
1. Develop a solid website presence
Your company website is the most important tool which will help you reach your target audience. Potential customers will be searching for the services or products they need online, so must make sure that they “stumble” over your website when they do. Besides having a great design, your website must be user-friendly and never annoy customers in one way or another. This means that customers should be able to find the requested information with only a few simple clicks. Be sure to implement some SEO strategies to ensure your website ends up in search results.
2. Brand yourself using social media
You need to create a strong social media presence. You may not be able to be active on all social media platforms, and most of the time, you don’t need to be. If you manage to develop a strong brand identity on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+, then you should be fine.
Facebook remains your most powerful tool when trying to attract new customers and engage your existing ones, so be sure to focus on interacting with customers and posting relevant content on a daily basis. Remember that video content and interesting infographics and images work very well on Facebook and generate the most shares and likes, so focus on engaging fans with funny, original content.
3. Post testimonials from satisfied customers on your blog or website
People will be more willing to trust your business if you can prove to them that others have already used your products or services and have been very satisfied with them. Encourage customers to provide positive feedback and share their experiences on your blog, Facebook page or website, to generate more trust in your brand.
4. Offer incentives
Give your prospective and existing customers a good reason to like your Facebook page or share your blog posts, by offering compelling incentives. If you want to motivate people to recommend your business to their friends, offer them small gifts, discounts, or any other type of incentive. Take a look at what other respectable, more popular brands are doing to engage followers and promote their products or services.
5. Attend trade shows, seminars, workshops and conferences related to your field of work
Do some research and find out where you can find possible brand advocates. This means that if you’re running an online shop where you sell gadgets, you should attend tech conferences and other similar events where you can get in touch with prospective customers.

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