What do Zuma, Maimane and Malema all have in common?

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 24 Feb. 2016

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All our South African politicians and political parties are basically useless. They don’t have the ability or drive to fix South Africa’s economy – or to give you the wealth you deserve, but there is ONE person who can help you...

I don’t want to mention how badly government managed the situation at Marikana in 2012, but there are facts we can’t ignore… 
112 workers felt the impact of an inadequate, gun happy police force … This is one of the darkest moments in our 20-year democracy. 44 people shot dead and 78 others wounded in an unprotected protest. 
When the video footage of police with machine guns mowing down fleeing miners flashed across our TV screen, the people of the country went up in arms. The vivid images of the police brutality during apartheid flooded back to the forefront of our minds…
Now, three years after the massacre, we still have no finalised findings… We once again spent millions of taxpayers’ money on the Marikana Commission of Inquiry…
The EFF, DA and opposition parties are threating the ANC and Jacob Zuma demanding answers… But the ANC doesn’t give two hoots about these finger waggers… 
They’ll  just do whatever they want anyway…

Apparently – the police did nothing wrong!
In August 2013, a year after the Marikana massacre, funding for the legal representation of Marikana victims at the Farlam Commission appointed by the government to investigate the killings appeared to be in jeopardy.
High-profile lawyer Dali Mpofu, representing 270 of Marikana’s striking miners, lost two court attempts to compel the state to pay his legal fees. The Marikana miners could not afford to pay their lawyers.
Despite the massive impact of the Marikana Massacre on our economy and global reputation, the courts ruled that the government will not have to pay for the miners’ legal fees.
Again, private citizens had to club together in an attempt to find justice for the senseless killings.
Yet, when our president was being prosecuted for corruption in his personal capacity back in 2009, the ANC government decided that the taxpayer had to fork out R10 million to cover Zuma’s personal legal fees.
Is that fair? What about Nkandla?
Since Zuma had the investigators in his back pocket, you know the result… He doesn’t have to pay back the money.
And he stood in front of parliament and the country the day before the Nkandla results were released teasing, mocking and belittling you and the entire country. That tells me he knew what was coming! He expected yet another victory over whining opposition parties.
Shameless gloating at your expense

This is more proof that justice in South Africa is only available to those who can afford it. But I’m not talking about Nkandla today… That’s a public insult and political disgrace for another day…
Eventually, after much politicking, legal battles and money wasting, the findings of the Marikana Commission were a slap in the face. 
This is happening while the miners families sit by and wait… They wait for Zuma to address the fact that the South African Police under Zuma’s watch killed their brothers, fathers and sons.But the president says that the police did nothing wrong. 

Apprently the police delivered justice on people that already committed crimes - No judge, no jury, just ruthless police shooting people at will. 
But maybe you think Malema will save you?

If that’s what you think… Good luck.
I want you to read an excerpt from a newspaper, “North Coast Courier”, from 13 April 2015…
"One person was killed and three others critically injured when Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) protesters were hit by a bakkie on the N2 at Ballito this afternoon.

The EFF’s land invasion demonstration at Ballito spilled onto the N2 highway at midday, where they were reportedly stoning cars.
“We had received an alert that the group were stoning cars on the N2 and were on our way there when the accident happened,” said Umhlali SAPS’s Captain Maharaj.

He said the EFF leaders quickly disappeared after the accident and were nowhere to be found when the convoy of ambulances and police arrived.

On Sunday the EFF illegally invaded a piece of “unoccupied” land on Green Fields farm, next to the N2 and overlooking the Ballito central business district."

Note the sentence, “the EFF leaders quickly disappeared after the accident and were nowhere to be found when the convoy of ambulances and police arrived.”
Do you really think political leaders will support you?
Let’s face it, even the DA, EFF and AGANG are unable to COPE! All they do is blow hot air, huff and puff and make noise while the ANC government sits, points and laughs at their inability to make a real difference and bring real change.
If the opposition parties had any influence, this would not be happening under their noses!
R1.6 billion a year – The cost of Zuma’s cabinet

You read that right…
It costs our president R1.6 billion a year to spoil his 74 ministers and deputy ministers…
That’s an average of R144 million a month just to keep our ministers around.
Zuma accounts for a large portion of this bill. If we look at the total spend on our president, excluding the R246 million Nkandla residence, the Spousal Support Unit costs an average of R10.9 million a year, his VIP squadron of helicopters cost at least R60.0 million a year.
His VIP protection costs are exorbitant too…
Let’s not forget his ever increasing legal bills that isn’t including in this breakdown.

And wait, the man himself, Number One, Mr Zuma, just increased his salary by 5%!
Yet, we stood by helplessly and watched the Kya Sands informal settlement go up in flames. Gutting 2,000 homes and taking the lives of two young children. 

But Mr Zuma has his multimillion rand “fire pool”.
Surely, that’s fair. That people in townships across the country suffer while our fat politicians enjoy their lavish lifestyles, flying fancy helicopters, building massive houses and lining their pockets with your hard-earned cash…
Do you find these statistics hard to swallow? Do you find it hard to believe that such a massive portion of your tax money is used to fund the leisure activities of Mr Zuma and his cabinet?
Well, how about this headline from the media?
 “Zuma’s new VIP jets will cost us R2billion”
I want to stop talking about our president for a moment… I want to ask you to do something controversial, unexpected and self-fulfilling. I want to encourage you to
Stop looking to government and politicians for answers
They’ve proved that they don’t care about you and your neighbours over and over again.
You and I have to fit the bill for their lavish lifestyles and frankly, I have had enough. So, here’s what I want you to do…
Create a lifetime of income for yourself and support the people in your community
Right now, there are literally millions of South Africans just like you… You’ve worked hard your whole life. You’ve been good parents and provided for your children. You’ve even been diligent enough to build up bit of a nest egg to retire on.
But you and I will continue to pay the bill for years of neglect, corruption and simple laziness. If you’re still struggling to make ends meet because of the rising costs of EVERYTHING – I want to tell you that you don’t have to struggle anymore.
I don’t want you to fall for the political pandering and blatant disrespect for your rights – That keeps you broke, unhappy and struggling. I want you to live a life where you have more than enough.
I want to show you how to take your future into your own hands. It won’t be easy, the money won’t start flowing immediately but it will start coming in. Gradually at first and then the flow of cash into your hands will gain momentum.
Soon, you’ll have multiple income streams filling your bank accounts
Some of it will be passive income, other income streams you’ll have to work on developing into something more substantial. 
The important thing is, you won’t be working for a boss or depending on government for anything.
You’ll be making your own rules and setting your own hours.
Most importantly, you’ll soon have people working for you… You’ll be a positive contributor to the community in which you live, the country and your household.
So, if you’re tired of being a financial victim. If you’re tired of empty political promises then I encourage you to join me in my quest to, “stick it to the man”.
Click here and start making the changes you need to take your financial future into your own hands.
Let’s build your wealth together,
Aiden Sookdin

Editorial Director
The South African Investor
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