“Why do people still vote for the ANC if they live in poverty?”

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 24 Feb. 2016

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I received a lot of criticism and praise for this article yesterday. But criticism doesn’t keep me down, it inspires me to keep going because I know I'm making a difference.

Before I continue with the second part of my series, “South Africa is Burning”, I think it’s only fair for me to warn you that you might not like what you’re about to read.

There’s a storm coming to South Africa and it threatens not only how much money you make, but also your way of life…

Let’s get into it!

A democratic South Africa in 2015 – The new apartheid emerges!
Let’s start with a few quotes by our current president, Mr Jacob Zuma… 
  • “The ANC will rule until Jesus comes home.” 
  • "When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven. When you don’t vote for the ANC you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork … who cooks people."
  • What South Africa needs is "patriotic reporting".
  • Let us solve African problems the African way, not the white man’s way."
Jacob Zuma is clearly using his position as president to romanticise the economic and political unrest in South Africa right now. It took him two terms as president to acknowledge the problems in his own political party. 
He was too busy dodging questions about Nkandla to pay attention to the needs of the people. 
You won’t like me saying this, but we’re standing by idly and watching a new level of corruption rear its ugly head! Apartheid style tactics are being used as we speak. And, we’re doing nothing about it. 
That brings me back to that answer I promised you…“Why do people still vote for the ANC if they live in poverty?”

The answer is clear. The ANC government is to the black people of South Africa what the apartheid government was to the white people of South Africa.

It is a false sense of hope, protection, security and racial unity. But this blind following of the political elite is crumbling quickly.

And it’s clear to see that the people are starting to become more vocal.

According to the Civic Protest Barometer (CPB), protests are alarmingly high in South Africa, “In 2014 there was an increase in the number of protests, reversing the downward trend evident after 2009? The number of protests in 2014 reached an all-time-high of 218. The previous maximum was 204 in 2009 (which was also an election year).”

"The increase in 2014 is only partly due to the election held on May 7. Although April and May saw 25 and 30 protests respectively, almost as many protests (28) took place in August, three months after the election."

In fact, between 2012 and 2014, Gauteng had more protests than any other province. Since 2007 Gauteng's share of protests had been rising more rapidly than any other province.

The people are more vocal – But government is shutting them down!

During apartheid, people like Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and Chris Hani led an uprising against the government. Government did everything in its power to shut them up. They tried to kill Chris Hani, eventually succeeding and imprisoned Mandela and Sisulu for 27 years and 26 years respectively.

Today, we are seeing uprisings of a different kind and a not-so-new government-silencing tactic.

Today, the people of South Africa are fighting for economic equality. The leaders of the ANC that we all loved and respected are the NEW rich political elite. They’re pigging out on the tax money of the citizens of the country that they are supposed to protect.

Yet, when called out on blatant mismanagement of funds, Zuma says, “We have a joint responsibility to build the country. We have the responsibility to those who elected us that we are here to do serious business. The responsibility is to better the lives of our people.”

The most ridiculous response I’ve heard from this man is, “Nkandla is just a house…”

The impact of this blatant disregard for the people is starting to show. ANC membership dropped from 1.2 million to around 770,000 since its Mangaung conference in 2012.

I didn’t want to mention the fact that Jacob Zuma was unable to read out these numbers. But when you hear the laughing from the delegates at the party’s National General Council, I can’t help but ask myself, “Are we taking the education levels in our government seriously enough?”

Surely the fact that our president is unable to read large numbers is no laughing matter. Maybe he has a serious problem with dyslexia – And I have no problem with that, if that’s the case. But then the rest of the leadership needs to have Mr Zuma tested and help him read his numbers more effectively. Even this has not happened. And, if it happened, it all took place behind closed doors.

It seems this is how the ANC elite are playing the game now… Behind closed doors.

MickyWiswedel / Shutterstock.comRacial segregation turned into economic segregation – The new apartheid

Only the high-level politicians and their politically connected friends truly enjoy the economic benefits that South Africa has to offer. Of course, there are still white men and women that live off the historical economic benefits of apartheid too…

But, does this give our government officials the right to line their own pockets while the people suffer? And, they do this while waving the flag of democracy. It’s a shameless show of power of a so called democratic government.

Let me ask you…
  • What happened when the miners at Marikana spoke out? The police shot them.
  • What happens when service delivery protests break out? The police shoot rubber bullets and gas at them.
  • What happens when opposition parties speak out against the president? The police remove them from parliament!
These were all tactics used by the apartheid government. These are facts that you simply can’t ignore anymore.

On Monday, I’m going to complete this series. I’m going to give you a solution to this serious problem.

If you’re tired of corruption, political pandering and the pillaging of your tax payers money by unscrupulous government elites, then I suggest you keep an eye on your inbox.

Let's build your wealth together,

Aiden Sookdin
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