5 top tips for your honesty road to riches

Fsp Invest, 18 Oct. 2013

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Honesty is the best way to go when it comes to personal success. Stick to your principles and remember that honesty is the key to building a positive reputation. This puts you in the best position to make money. Read on to discover five top tips for your honesty road to riches...

Don't fall into the trap of believing that dishonest people stepping on honest people have more success, James Altucher in S&A Digest explains...

Here's the truth. Dishonesty works… until it doesn't.

Everyone messes up. And when you are dishonest, you are given only one chance and then it's over. You're out of the game - at least until you get your act straight and you have to start from scratch with your tail between your legs.

Five ways to boost your reputation

Here's five ways to boost your reputation with honesty...

#1: No excuses
Excuses are easy lies we tell ourselves to cover up our failures. One such excuse is, only dishonest people get ahead. This is also a lie.

#2: Make others look good
This is more than just giving credit. At heart, everyone wants to be perceived as special. That's because everyone is special but is often never acknowledged that way. Be different. Be aware of the smallest movements around you and acknowledge them. Nobody will forget that.

#3: Don't gossip
People always hear. And if they don't hear, they feel, because word gets around. And you can't predict this. And it's another way of living a double life.

#4: Do what you say you are going to do
Be that guy.

#5: Enhance the lives of others
Encourage an employee to move on if that's what they want, for example. Nobody needs to be my employee for their entire lives. Always help people grow into their own potential.

Honesty compounds little by little. And that compounding turns into millions or billions.

The dishonest people disappear. They die. They go to jail. They don't maximise their potential. They run. They are scared.

You will have nobody to run from. Some people will hate you. Some people will doubt your sincerity.

But the people who need someone to call, someone to share with, or someone to give to, these people will know who to call. They will call you.

So there you have it, five top tips for your honesty road to riches...

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