Why the tech sector is still worth getting into

Julie Brownlee, Fsp Invest, 28 Nov. 2014

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If you’re looking to make money from investing, it’s a case of finding where the bull markets are.

At the moment, one place where stocks are still in a bull run is in the US. And there’s one particular sector of the US market that’s looking ripe for more gains.

So what is this sector? And why should you consider investing?

Read on to find out…

The tech sector still has more to give

The tech sector in the US is in a bull run. And going into the New Year, it looks like it’s going to keep running.

Many investors may be worried about looking to tech stocks after the dot com bubble in 2000.

In March of that year, the NASDAQ, the US index of tech stocks, was trading at over 5,000. It was on a price earnings ratio of 175!

The tech sector now compared with 2000

Back in 2000, there were relatively few internet users. Around 361 million. By the end of 2014, according to the UN, this will be over 3 billion. The number of users has grown 50% in the last four-years alone.

Looking at the world’s population, there are 4 billion people still to come online.

You can see the potential that still awaits the tech sector. There are a whole host of buyers, sellers, customers, suppliers, users or creators. And all these people are contributing to the online economy.

The NASDAQ still hasn’t fully recovered from its March 2000 highs. It’s currently sitting around 4,300. And on a PE of 19.

The future for tech stocks

But the difference now is the companies are considerably more real, Dominic Frisby in Money Morning UK explains. You’ve got Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft, to name a few.

Yes, some specific companies’ valuations are on the high side, but there are others offering some great potential over the long-term.

Technology as a sector has solid and real foundations. Something it didn’t possess in 2000. And it’s also full of innovators.

If you’re looking for an investment opportunity, consider tech stocks on the NASDAQ. Uncover the stocks with the best potential and you can make a killing as the technology revolution continues.

So there you have it, why the tech sector is still worth getting into.

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