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Fsp Invest, 27 Aug. 2013

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When it comes to investing, many people want to buy some sort of charting software. But, the realm of technical analysis is a vast one and it can be a bit scary at first. Read on to find out why technical analysis software might be worth trying out...

The main reason people buy charting software is to try their hand at technical analysis, Gareth Stokes explains in Fear, Greed and the Stock Market.

It’s quite ironic that technical analysis scares many people off investing for their own account. The price charts and array of technical analysis methods can be intimidating. Investors simply turn in fright and run for the hills!

On the subject of technical analysis, ‘experts’ have written plenty. And plenty more will be written. But technical analysis will never be a perfect science.

The techies can say what they want – there’s no instrument or system that will be able to accurately predict the future price movement of a share with 100% certainty.

Technical analysis can’t predict events that will rock the stock markets

How do you work out how the markets will react to the death of a prime minister or the disclosure of massive company-wide fraud? How do you factor in the effect of a terrorist attack?

Technical analysis will never be able to replace the merits of a solid fundamental analysis of a company combined with a degree of environmental scanning.

If you’re dead keen on investing, then it’s worth adding at least one charting software package to your investing toolbox.

You’ll certainly want to be able to look at price charts. And over time, you’ll start using some of the technical analysis methods to back up your fundamental analysis. This could help you time your entry and exit to the market.

So there you have it, why you might want to try out technical analysis software.

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