Two things to include in your ‘investment toolbox’

Fsp Invest Team, 03 May. 2013

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Contrary to the popular belief that investing in shares is only for high powered executives and affluent people, anyone can invest in the stock market starting with penny shares for example. But, “if you want to enjoy making solid returns on the stock market, you’re going to have to carry the right tools,” says Gareth Stokes in Fear, Greed and the Stock Market. Read on to discover what you need to ensure you invest with success…

Stock markets have been around for hundreds of years. And for as long as there’ve been markets, there have been investors trying to make money on them. 
You can too if you use the years of “investment lore to make your own investing more successful,” says Stokes in Fear, Greed and the Stock Market.
First ensure you pack the right equipment…
Two things you need in your investment arsenal 
Investment tool#1: Information is the most powerful ‘key’ to successful investing. Knowledge is power, this statement can be applied to almost any sphere of life, be it at work, at home or at play.
To make informed investment decisions as an investor, you should be continually trawling the newspapers, online information services, company financial reports and television and radio shows for information. 
This information will help boost your investment knowledge. “The longer you’re involved in investing, and the more information you assimilate, the greater your store of knowledge will become. The greater your knowledge – the greater your power,” advises Stokes.
Investment tool#2: Your winning investment system requires discipline. Discipline is an invaluable tool to add to your investment toolbox. A disciplined investor will reap great investment reward because:
You need discipline to fit the various other investment activities into your schedule. You’ll have to make the time to keep abreast of developments on the stock market and check up on your investment progress.
You require discipline to follow the trading strategy you decide to apply to your portfolio. If you’ve created a set of rules, your discipline will ensure you follow them.
There you have it! Making these tools part of your investment strategy will help ensure you make solid returns on the stock market.

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