Easily see if your capital investment is performing well

Fsp Invest, 09 Dec. 2013

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If you’ve invested money in a company’s stocks, you’ll want to check on how that investment is doing.

You want to make sure the capital you invested is working hard for you, earning you decent returns.

But how do you check?

You can use the one ratio we’re going to tell you about today.

The best ratio to keep track of your investment’s performance
The ratio we’re talking about is ROI, or ‘return on investment’. 
Let’s say you invest in a technology start-up, perhaps a social media start-up you think has some great potential. 
Now, once you’ve invested money into your social media start-up, you want to keep tabs on how your money is performing. 
And you use ROI to do it. 
You see, calculating ROI is how you see how much of a return you have gotten on your investment in that social-media start-up. 
ROI will show you if you’re using your money wisely when you invest. 
What you could do is check how the ROI of your social media start-up investment would perform better than another investment you could make, say into the stock market… 
You can also use ROI to check on the performance of existing investments. 
ROI is a great measure of how well your money is performing. 
Keeping a close eye on ROI will allow you to tweak your portfolio and weed out those underperformers. 

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