Collectibles uncovered: How to ensure you preserve your investment in rare coins

Julie Brownlee, Fsp Invest, 12 Jun. 2015

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A popular collectible to invest in is coins.

You have a wide variety of choices. You can stick with gold bullion coins like Kruger rands, or you can delve into rare coins.

If you decide to add rare coins to your collection, it’s vital you care for them properly. Otherwise you could actually devalue them.

So what’s the best way to look after your rare coins?

Read on to find out…

How to care for your rare coins without devaluing them

To avoid damaging your rare coins and actually devaluing them, follow these simple rules for caring for them…

Rule #1: The best way to store your rare coins
Whilst you might keep your coins in a safe, it’s vital they’re stored in the correct way.

The best ways to store your rare coins is in a coin holder, album or box, The South African Investor explains. This will keep them safe from damage from contact with materials that can damage them.

Rule #2: The best environment for your rare coins
The worst environment for your coins is any extreme, for example in a basement.

A useful guideline is “if the environment is comfortable enough for a person, it will probably be satisfactory for your coins,” says About Home.

A bedroom is a good place to consider.

Rule #3: Don’t touch them with your bare hands
Bare hands hold a number of substances that damage rare coins. Handling them can lead to scratches, discolouration and smearing.

So make sure you wear cotton gloves when handling your rare coins, recommends EBay. And hold a coin by its edges, not its faces.

Rule #4: Don’t clean your coins
Whilst you might be desperate to get your rare coins shining, resist the temptation to clean them, advises Numis Master. If you really want to, it’s worthwhile getting the help of an expert.

Cleaning your coins can lead to irreversible damage.

So there you have it. How to ensure you preserve your investment in rare coins.

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