Apply these five criteria to ensure you make the best investment decisions

Julie Brownlee, Fsp Invest, 18 Jul. 2014

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Every investor probably wishes that there was a perfect investment out there. You’d be rich. And you’d never have to worry about money again.

If only investing was that simple.

But, you can improve your odds of success in the stock market. You just need to look for certain characteristics in an investment.

Let’s take a closer look to see what you should look for…

The characteristics of a perfect investment

Perfect investment characteristic #1: A high rate of return
You want a rate of return that’s better than inflation, taxes and the performance of any other investment. Or you want to look for a share or asset that’s trading at a cheap price, but has the potential to yield high returns.

Perfect investment characteristic #2: Safety
You want an investment that doesn’t have the chance of disappearing overnight. This means a solid and reliable investment, Dan Ferris in The Crux explains.

Perfect investment characteristic #3: Liquidity
You want to buy an investment that you can easily convert to cash whenever you want. And you don’t want to have to pay a premium to do that.

Perfect investment characteristic #4: No income tax
You don’t want to pay income tax on any investment growth. And you want to keep all your profits.

Perfect investment characteristic #5: Passive
You want an investment that’s easy to understand. You don’t want to have to actively manage and watch the investment. You want to invest and leave it alone.

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How to apply the characteristics of a perfect investment

You’d be hard pushed to find an investment that ticks all of these boxes. But you can offset one against the other. For instance, you may overlook high returns if the investment is passive, safe and liquid.

These characteristics are easy to apply. And you should apply them when making any investment decision. They will help you see if you’re making the right choice.

So there you have it, five criteria to apply to ensure you make the best investment decisions.

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