Five reasons why ETFs make the ideal tool to trade indices

Julie Brownlee, Fsp Invest, 22 Oct. 2014

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If you want to trade indices, exchange traded funds (ETFs) make the ideal tool to do just that.

You can benefit from the performance of indices using ETFs. And if you’re not content with straight market gains, you can magnify your potential gains by trading contracts for difference (CFDs) on ETFs.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should considering investing or trading indices using ETFs…

Why invest in ETFs?

#1: ETFs allow you to easily invest offshore without changing a cent

Through trading ETFs, you can invest in a number of the world’s major indexes. This includes the FTSE 100 of the London Stock Exchange.

And you can do all this without moving any of your cash offshore. This means you stand to benefit from protection against rand volatility.

#2: You stand to gain from the index’s performance when investing in ETFs

By investing in ETFs tracking indices, the performance of your ETF will reflect that of the specific market index.

With the low costs associated with investing in ETFs, if the index rises 5% in a year, your investment will also mirror this rise.

#3: Investing in ETFs takes the guesswork out of picking shares

Many investors are put off picking individual stocks in case they get it wrong. It also requires a lot of research and analysis to make good stock picks.

Investing in ETFs takes these issues away. You just have to select what index you want to invest in.

#4: With ETFs, you’re not limited to shares

As well as being able to invest in different indices, there are other financial instruments besides shares you can gain exposure to.

These include government bonds, gold and platinum

#5: You can gear up your returns and go short ETFs

If you want to boost your potential returns you can trade CFDs on ETFs.

By doing this you can magnify your potential gains (and potential losses). And it gives you the chance to profit if an index is falling in value.

So there you have it, five reasons why ETFs make the ideal tool to trade indices.

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