How To Efficiently Build Business Credibility

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 22 Feb. 2016

Tags: how to build credibility, business credibility, build brand image, build reputation, reliable business

Credibility is one of your most important in business. Without it, you cannot possibly build a respectable brand image and gain your customers’ trust. And without your customers’ trust, your business is headed for trouble.

It’s particularly difficult to build credibility when only starting out, because no one has ever heard of you or your business, and the quality of your products or services cannot be yet certified. So why should customers trust you?

In order to sell your products or services and build a reputation, both in the online, and the offline world, you need to prove that your business is in fact reliable, professional, and highly credible.
Here are some tips on building credibility in the business world:
1. Always keep your word and follow through on your promises
This rule applies to all relationships, both professional and personal ones. If you want to be perceived as reliable, trustworthy and sincere, you need to keep your promises. It’s always better to promise less and deliver more than the other way around. People are easily disappointed, and once they have lost trust in your products or company policies, it’s very difficult to make them believe in you again. We don’t like when someone breaks a promise, and in business, unreliability will cost you dearly. Follow through on your word. If you promise that a product will be delivered by a certain date, then make sure it arrives on the client’s doorstep one day earlier.
2. Build strong relationships with other business owners and social media influencers 
You will need all the help you can get in building a respectable brand image. Engage in conversations with other business owners, develop a strong network, and work on building connections both online, and offline. Word-of-mouth is your most powerful business growth strategy, you’ll need plenty of recommendations in order to become well-known and make your brand stand out from the rest.
3. Show respect in all interactions
Whether you are dealing with business partners, unsatisfied customers or potential investors, always show proper respect. Active listening can do wonders. So, the next time you are discussing business, make sure to listen carefully to what the other party is saying and offer them your full attention.
4. Make provable statements 
Whenever you express your opinions or state a fact, make sure you have the arguments to back it up. You may fool people once or twice by making false statements, but once they find out the truth, you will have lost their trust forever. The same applies to product and service descriptions: do not make them sound incredible if they are not. Customers will soon realize that they’ve been fooled and let’s just say they won’t be too happy about it. 




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