How to Efficiently Motivate Your Employees

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 14 Feb. 2016

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How important is it to have motivated employees? Some managers may think that this is a rather insignificant matter, but, if you take a closer look, you will discover that motivated employees are essential to the success of any organization or business. Efficient, easily-adaptable and highly motivated employees are the ones who drive the success of any business.

How can you efficiently motivate your employees and ensure that their satisfaction is closely related to the success of your business? First of all, you should fully understand why it is so important to have motivated employees. The reason is simple: when they are not motivated, employees tend to become sloppier in their work, they stop making the extra effort to ensure that the company becomes as profitable as possible.
Here are a few simple tips to help you counterattack your employees’ lack of motivation:
1. Be the person you want them to be
Do you want to be surrounded by trustworthy, reliable, positive people? Then lead by example. If you set the right example, employees will learn to adapt and high productivity will surely follow. Ensure that your employees feel understood and encourage cheerfulness in the office.
2. Provide a happy working environment
Do you want to have happy, satisfied customers? Then you should first ensure that your employees are happy at work. For example, instead of pointing out all their mistakes, try focusing on everything they do right. Encourage them to continue their good work and provide positive constructive feedback. This doesn’t mean that you should not tell them when and where they are wrong, though.
3. Set clear goals and reward staff for achieving them
Your employees need to know exactly what is expected of them. Do not give them vague explanations and do not make demands without providing further explanations. When a goal is met, reward your employees, individually or as part of the team, to encourage the same conduct in the future.
4. Be open to suggestions and encourage open communication within the organization
If your employees have a problem and they don’t come to you to solve it, then your business is headed for trouble. Make sure that your employees feel comfortable coming to you for help and suggestions, and encourage them to offer their own feedback and suggestions.
5. Never encourage or tolerate bad behaviour or office gossip
It is never a good idea to tolerate misconduct or the apparently innocent office gossip. Employees will start despising each other, some will feel underprivileged and serious problems could follow. Discourage any attempt of gossip between colleagues and never ask your employees to spy on each other.
6. Focus on the big picture
Don’t be a boss who is impossible to please and who cannot tolerate even the smallest mistakes. Remember that your employees are human, just like you and everyone else, and that nobody is perfect. Make sure they know what is expected of them, but do not set impossible standards, as this will only lead to frustrations and lack of motivation.

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