5 Simple Ways To Generate New Leads For Your Business

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 23 Feb. 2016

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Finding new leads for your business is not always an easy task. Sometimes, you will find yourself wondering where all the potential customers are. But the good news is that there are unlimited online and offline resources for finding new leads, which can turn into loyal clients in the long run, and you don’t need to spend large amounts of cash to generate leads, as one might think.

Here are some inexpensive and accessible ways of generating new leads, both online and offline:
1. Social media
Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, are great for generating new leads for your business. However, for best results, ou need to develop a clever social marketing strategy. This means posting relevant content on a regular basis, but not overdoing it (no more than 2-3 posts a day), organizing various contests with prizes for engaging fans (free e-books, reports, discounts, small gifts), sharing interesting infographics and photos/videos, post open-ended questions, inviting customers to interact with your brand, and updating and enhancing your content constantly.
2. Word of mouth
This promotional tool will never get old: word of mouth is one of the best methods of attracting new customers. When satisfied customers share their positive experience with others and recommend your brand, you will get more leads than ever. People trust the opinions of those close to them and if one of their friends recommends a product or service, they are much more likely to give it a try themselves.
3. Trade shows
Another great way to generate leads for your business is by attending industry-related trade shows and special events. You need to socialize, attend social gatherings and get in touch with as many people who work in your industry. You’ll find more prospects at trade shows and expositions than you would anywhere else, but you need to go prepared, communicate extremely well and showcase your products or services in the most appealing manner possible.
4. Business contacts
If you want to become successful in business, you need to start networking – a lot. Other sales professionals and businessmen may not always be helpful when it comes to generating new leads for your business, but they can provide some useful guidance. You cannot succeed by yourself; you’ll need to surround yourself by other successful businessmen. Try to attend as many social gatherings as possible and never miss an opportunity to socialize with other business men in your industry. This is a sure way to get your brand, products and services known on the market. Engage in business-related discussions on LinkedIn and other networking sites. You need as many business contacts as possible.
5. Google Ads
If you really want to reach a wider audience and get more leads for your business, then you can start a Google Adwords campaign. You can reach a greater number of potential customers using this sort of advertising then you would any other way. In the long run, it will prove worthwhile.

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