Top 5 Creative Business Ideas For 2016

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 22 Feb. 2016

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Do you secretly wish to become a successful entrepreneur? Then stop dreaming, wake up and actually do something about it! As Paul Valery said: “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” If you’re still waiting for inspiration to hit you by surprise, we come to your rescue with five genius business ideas to implement as soon as possible.

Do you think you have what it takes to face the challenges of entrepreneurship? Then here are some inspirational business ideas for you:
1. Open a fine wine and cheese shop
What better way to stand out from the rest than by launching a unique business such as this? A fine wine and cheese shop would be mainly addressed to an elite, sophisticated market, made up of people who are truly passionate about the fine things in life. This means that your marketing strategy should be just as refined and polished.
You will also need to find the ideal location for your exclusive shop, taking into account that you will have a rather limited target market. However, this type of business can be extremely profitable if you focus on delivering high-quality products that couldn’t be easily found anywhere else.
2.  Start a fitness blog and organize fitness webinars
More and more people are becoming concerned with health issues and they wish to take better care of themselves. That’s why starting a fitness and weight loss blog would be such a great idea! You can also make profit from fitness webinars and tutorials. You can teach others efficient exercises for toning up and losing weight, offer tips on how to stay in shape and create an online community of followers. If you promote your blog and webinars well and you manage to build a strong fan base, success is guaranteed.
3. Start selling gadgets online
If you’re sort of a “geek” and are extremely passionate about technology, then you can consider starting an e-commerce site where you could sell the latest gadgets, anything from laptops, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, netbooks, and the like. You need to build an awesome-looking website, which should also be user-friendly and convenient to use, and provide customers multiple payment options.
4. Start a virtual consultancy business
If you are an expert in a particular field, be it Accounting, Sales, Business, Financing, IT, Real Estate or Human Resources, you can provide online consultancy services. These types of services are becoming more and more popular nowadays, as people are turning to the internet to find answers to all their burning questions. It’s much more convenient to provide virtual services, since you can be located practically anywhere and operate according to your own schedule and preferences.
5. Become an online wedding planner
If you love parties and are great at organizing events and taking charge of everything, then this is the ideal business for you. You will be working with couples who are looking to start a new life together and you will have plenty of satisfactions, not to mention a lot of fun, along the way. Wedding planners have a very flexible schedule and can work from the comfort of their own homes. You will mostly need to discuss things over the telephone, set appointments, and meet with potential clients and business owners, photographers, DJs, and so on. It’s a great business idea for someone who is organized, creative, open-minded and friendly.

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