Why July is the month to invest in silver

Julie Brownlee, Fsp Invest, 17 Jul. 2014

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You might not think silver is the best metal to buy at the moment. After all, the silver price hasn’t performed well lately.

But evidence shows that now couldn’t be a better time.

Read on to find out why…

The movement of the silver price is almost predictable for certain months of the year

Have a look at the chart below…

Chart of silver monthly performance

The chart shows you the monthly chart of silver performance for the past two decades, Sean Brodrick in Investment U explains.

From the chart, you can see that silver has closed at a higher price in July than it started the month 70% of the time. For August, it’s 63% and for September, it’s 68%.

Zoom in now to the past five years, and silver has ALWAYS closed in July and August higher than it started the month! It’s closed higher 60% of the time in September.

What is the reason for silver behaving this way?

Silver is subject to seasonal forces. It’s all down to a combination of cultural factors.

For instance, this is the time of year that jewellers stock up on silver before demand rises. This starts in India, then continues across the world until Christmas hits.

This trend is very strong. And that’s why silver is looking prime to invest in.

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Silver demand outstrips supply from mines

For almost 20 years, demand for silver has been higher than mining supply. And silver isn’t just a precious metal. It has industrial uses too.

Already mined silver supplies are now at historically low levels. In 1900, there were 12 billion ounces. Now that’s less than 1.39 billion ounces.

So there you have it, why this is the month to invest in silver.

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