Investment expert reveals: Why you should invest in indispensible commodities today

Fsp Invest Team, 04 Jun. 2013

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“If you’re looking to protect your money from the devastating effects of the increase in the price of everything, you need to make sure you invest in Trophy Stocks,” says Francois Joubert, Chief Investment Strategist behind The Resource And Scarcity Report.

These are companies that have strongholds of indispensible commodities such as massive minerals deposits and strategic energy. Here’s why Joubert believes you should invest in them.

“Many investors believe making money in natural resource stocks is extremely difficult because it’s one of the most volatile areas of the market. But what most people don’t know is that that there’s an easy, safe method to making money in natural resource stocks. The strategy comes down to buying trophies,” says Joubert.
But, knowing Trophy Stocks well enough to start investing in them with success requires extensive knowledge.
What are Trophy Stocks?
Trophy Stocks are the world’s biggest and best resource sources. They are the resources the world needs to continue existing and can’t go without. These include the best and the most advanced mines, farms and factories in the world.

Here’s why Joubert believes you should invest in Trophy Stocks
“I firmly believe every investor should keep a good portion of their wealth in world-class Trophy Stocks. I’m talking gold deposits, billion-barrel crude oil deposits, large tracts of agricultural land,” asserts Joubert.
What’s great about investing in Trophy Stocks is that they’re safe, dependable and steadfast.

By investing in these indispensible commodities you’ll be protected because, “they are the biggest, lowest cost and most competitive, they will keep making money even when the economy is down. So not only do they give you big profit potential, they also give you downside protection,” explains Joubert.

“The mere fact that these trophies are the only ‘safe’ places in the world we live in where currencies are being devalued, governments are printing paper money and creating high inflation. These trophies are the only way to protect your wealth from that,” says Joubert.
And the key to protecting yourself is by keeping your wealth in real tangible assets that hold their value and will require more and more money to purchase.

Knowing what Trophy Stocks are and investing in them will help you make sizeable gains and help protect your investments.

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