Original Business Ideas For Neat Freaks

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 14 Feb. 2016

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Are you an organized, detail-oriented individual, who loves to collect and arrange things and who keeps everything in order, at all times? Then put your seatbelt on, because we have some courageous business ideas for you, which can bring you substantial profit. All you have to do is put your mind to work and take a chance on a new creative business idea.

Here are some original business ideas you can put into practice right away:
1. An online store where you could sell paper and digital planners
This is a rather simple business idea that anyone easily put into practice, with minimal effort. First, you have to develop an e-commerce site, identify potential suppliers in your area, and then start promoting your products. Your business’ success is guaranteed, as long as you offer high-quality items, at reasonable prices, and ensure that they are delivered on time. Don’t forget to market your products on Facebook.
2. A website where customers can buy calendars, planners, organizational software and applications at special prices
What could be more enticing for all neat-freaks than a website with promotions on their favorite items: planners, organizational software, calendars, journals, portfolios and agendas? Classify all items according to certain filters and organize everything up to the smallest detail.
3. Start developing time management smartphone and tablet apps with To-Do lists, planners, calendars and schedules
More and more people are using smartphones and tablets nowadays, so what better way to make a profit than by selling your own apps? Apps can be downloaded from the online store and, if you market your products right, you will soon realize that this can be quite a profitable business. You will need to have some special skills, but you can always ask a specialist to develop your apps.
4. An e-commerce site where you can organizational software for:
-          medical data;
-          employee feedback;
-          customer service data: suggestions, recommendations, complaints;
-          images, videos;
-          shopping lists;
-          to-do lists;
-          recipes;
-          various collections and books.

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