6 Part-Time Business Ideas For Extra Income

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 22 Feb. 2016

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Everyone seems to be looking for fresh business opportunities these days. An increasingly large number of people are considering taking a part-time job or starting a part-time business from home, in order to increase their monthly income. In case you’re simply curious which business opportunities exist for people with limited time, or you are serious about starting your own part-time business this year, we’ve come up with a list of inspiring ideas.

The best part about running a part-time business from home is that you are in charge, and you get to decide when and how much you wish to work. No one will force you to spend endless hours in front of the computer like they would at your place of work, but you will be motivated to succeed once you get the “feel” of that extra income, which always comes in handy.
What sort of business can you start with limited financial resources, when you don’t have a lot of time to waste?
Become a tutor
Maybe you have excellent computer skills, you’re passionate about history or know a few foreign languages. Don’t hesitate to put these skills to good use and actually start making a profit! Online tutoring services are quite common nowadays, and they can be done via Skype of instant messaging. You choose who to work with and you are the one who decides your working schedule. Fees vary, depending on your specialty, but you can charge quite a lot for foreign language tutoring, for instance.
Manufacture handmade accessories or decorations
Are you crafty and creative? Then consider starting your own small shop, where you would sell handmade accessories, decorations or clothing. Actually, anything handmade or home-made can be sold online, at great prices. You can even sell home-made jams and sweets online.
Become a part-time photographer
Do you know your way around a camera? Then consider becoming a freelance photographer. You can provide photography services for weddings, anniversaries, parties, and other events in your local community. You can be paid by the hour or on the number of photos you take. If you want to make money from this activity, you cannot afford to be clumsy or negligent. The quality of your photos and testimonials from satisfied customers will determine the success of your part-time business.
Provide pet-sitting services
Many animal lovers do not want their adorable pets to be left alone while they are at work or on vacation. If you’re good with cats and dogs, you can become a professional pet sitter, and advertise your business online.
Become a part-time medical transcriptionist
Medical offices, hospitals, doctors, veterinarians – they all need help transcribing medical records. You can become a professional medical transcriptionist by attending special trainings, where you learn the specific terminology.
Become a personal trainer or fitness instructor
If you’re fit and like to work out, you can easily train to become a personal trainer or fitness/aerobics instructor. People are more and more interested in finding new ways to remain in shape and are eager to have a personal coach who can customize workouts specifically for them. Expertise in nutrition and fitness training can bring you substantial profits, in a short amount of time.

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