3 Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 22 Feb. 2016

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Still unsure what 2013 will bring? Instead of wondering and waiting for things to magically happen, wouldn’t it be wiser to make things happen yourself? And what better way to do that than by starting your own business and becoming financially independent?

2013 will prove to be a successful year for courageous entrepreneurs, who aren’t afraid to dive into the perilous world of business. And since agricultural businesses are rapidly developing and have become a top source of income, why not consider investing your money wisely this year?
Here are some of the best agricultural businesses to develop this year:
1. Paulownia cultivation

Paulownia wood is extremely valuable and versatile, being used for manufacturing musical instruments, yachts, furniture, moldings and veneers. Because it is very lightweight compared to other types of wood, this timber is also used in the aircraft construction and Formula 1 racing car manufacturing. Moreover, Paulownia trees grow very quickly – approximately 20 meters every 3 years, and reach their maximum height in about 9 years.
2. Energy willow cultivation

Energy willow grows fairly quickly and peak yield is reached after approximately 5 years. Willow can be cultivated on marginal soils and it grows faster in a wet environment. Willow crops are harvested every two to three years. Because they are carbon dioxide neutral, energy willow crops reduce global warming. There is a large international market demand for energy willow.
3. Rose cultivation

Another profitable business you can start in 2013, since roses have a wide variety of uses, in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Roses can also be used for manufacturing jams, syrups, essential oils and rose water, which are all expensive, largely sought after products.

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