How To Keep Your Customers Fully Satisfied

Aiden Sookdin, Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire, 14 Feb. 2016

Tags: keep your customers satisfied, customer service, customer complaints, improvement strategies, attract new customers

If you want to make sure your customers are satisfied and keep coming back for more, then you must continuously improve the customer service within your company. Providing excellent customer service is crucial when you want to distinguish yourself from the competition and attract new customers and keep the existing ones.

Don’t wait before it’s too late and implement some powerful customer service improvement strategies right now. Never forget that customer service can determine the success or failure of your business, so it is not a matter to be taken lightly. Here are just a few tips and tricks to motivate your staff and keep your customers fully satisfied:
1. Never talk back to customers or react negatively
Regardless of your mood, you should never let your customers sense that you are not happy or positive about the situation. Even if the client is extremely unsatisfied and unhappy, you should be the one who gives the situation a positive edge. Never underestimate the power of a smile, even when you are speaking to the customer on the phone – a smile can be sensed by your tone of voice.
2. Make your customers feel understood
The best way to make an instant connection with your customers is to make him feel special and actually listened to. Everybody wants to receive the full attention of the person they are speaking with and this is actually the best way to build rapport with your customers – just by listening to them. Make them feel heard and understood, and everything will run smoothly. Listen carefully to the customer while he explains his problem and then ask appropriate questions to help you determine the cause and possible actions.
3. Do not treat customers with complaints differently
Do not make customers with complaints feel like they are wrong for speaking out. You want to encourage feedback and constructive criticism and allow all customers to speak their minds. Listening to customers’ complaints will actually help you grow your business because you will know what areas need improvement.
4. Always make your customers feel special
The best way to attract new customers and keep them satisfied? Make them feel special. That means smiling and welcoming them the moment they enter your shop or place of business, showing them that you care, creating rapport and answering any question they may have with a smile on your face.
5. Don’t lie to your customers or force them to buy products they don’t need
Instead of making a sale by lying and cheating your customer, it’s better to tell him the truth: maybe you cannot offer him a suitable product or service on that particular day. Don’t persuade your customers to make a purchase by lying, since this will only make them resent you and you will lose everything you’ve worked for up until that point. Sincerity is the best policy when dealing with customers, because if a product is not up to their expectations or doesn’t match their requirements, they will never return.

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