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johnnypi10 asked:
Hi Francios, SCP has been going one way during the past 4 months. From a [read more]
Published at 29 Aug. 2016 in: Financing
karutama03 asked:
Do you cater for foreigners that is non South African citizens [read more]
Published at 29 Aug. 2016 in: Clients 1 answer
CFD trading tips cone quite. I am subscriber to RHT, new to the trading. Only [read more]
Published at 28 Aug. 2016 in: Red Hot Trader Cfd 1 answer
Many people are asking themselves: Can I really make money from blogging? The answer is “Yes, you can”, but only after months of hard work. Blogging is not the right solution for those who want to make easy money and you definitely shouldn’t start blogging if you’re not truly passionate about writing. If you’re blogging only for the money, your chances of success are rather slim.

How do you get started with blogging? At first, you can develop your blog using a free blogging platform. The most popular free blogging platforms are... [read more]
When I subcrice to Red hot Penny You now invest for me our what is the next [read more]
Published at 28 Aug. 2016 in: Customer Service 1 answer
Phemthwala asked:
how to start investment with Fsp [read more]
Published at 27 Aug. 2016 in: Best invested 1 answer
Agreement asked:
now that i registered my account what do i do to start making money [read more]
Published at 27 Aug. 2016 in: Accelerated Investor Online marketing 1 answer
A passion for the culinary arts can be easily turned into a profitable business. If you love cooking and have a few secret recipes up your sleeve, and most importantly, you have a calling for entrepreneurship, there are various business opportunities you can consider investing in this year.

A business born out of passion will always have more chances of success, since you’ll be engaging in an activity you enjoy. And, as long as you put your inner creativity to good use, there’s no reason why a culinary business couldn’t thrive and become a... [read more]
Daniboy asked:
So with other words...if I invest R200.00 I will get R46 000.00? Please [read more]
Published at 27 Aug. 2016 in: Investing 1 answer
Tyreke123 asked:
How to invest in ICE and get double your money [read more]
Published at 26 Aug. 2016 in: Accelerated Investor 1 answer
Daniboy asked:
How is that possible? I would love to see how that gets done.... I want to [read more]
Published at 26 Aug. 2016 in: Investing Investment 1 answer
Do you have R50,000 saved up somewhere, that you’d like to use for starting a profitable business? Better said, are you willing to invest this amount and risk losing it, knowing at the same time that it could soon be doubled or tripled in a few months’ time? Because that’s the risk you’ll have to take when starting your own business.

You need to pluck up the courage and dare to dream that your business idea can be turned into a successful venture. No one can possibly guarantee that your business idea will prove profitable, but you can do your... [read more]
ntshwane phala
As I read the your recent e-mail you advised that one of the risk management [read more]
Published at 25 Aug. 2016 in: Red Hot Trader 1 answer
shailoo asked:
When looking for trends in forex pairs, do you look at 1m, 5m, 1h, 1d charts or [read more]
Published at 25 Aug. 2016 in: Forex Trader Forex trading
Ebukings asked:
Good day, How do i know the best market to trade on and at what percentage can [read more]
Published at 25 Aug. 2016 in: Business tips Online cfds 1 answer
If you’ve decided that you want to take charge of your life and become an entrepreneur, you’ve already taken the most decisive step towards achieving your goal. All you need to do now is search through thousands of business possibilities and find the most suitable one for you. It’s not going to be easy, but things become much less complicated once you’ve got priorities in order and you know what truly motivates and excites you.

The decision to start your own business shouldn’t be a hasty one; one must carefully analyze all options and... [read more]
livelife asked:
I bought Bluetel shares quite sometime ago following the tip in newsletter. [read more]
Published at 25 Aug. 2016 in: Shares & Stock Ideas 1 answer
Elementary asked:
Good Day Just want to find out , How much do I need to have to start [read more]
Published at 25 Aug. 2016 in: Investing 1 answer
Benjamin5 asked:
How do we start the R100 investment? [read more]
Published at 24 Aug. 2016 in: Investing Online investing 1 answer
There’s no question about it. Your business will experience setbacks along the way. Difficulties are an integral part of the business development process, but it’s up to you how you will respond to these challenges. Setbacks don’t necessarily have to be failures. They can actually be stepping stones to success, if you know how to turn every challenge into a learning and growing opportunity.

That’s easier said than done, right? When we are actually facing trials and tribulations, our first instinct is to escape them, to find a way out, to... [read more]
candygril asked:
Im not working but I need money so can I invest monthly with what I can afford [read more]
Published at 24 Aug. 2016 in: Penny Shares 1 answer
RuanFourie asked:
Broker Account is open and ready... Funded with i.e. R5000. Now, I am unsure [read more]
Published at 24 Aug. 2016 in: Red Hot Penny Shares 1 answer
Katli2001 asked:
i would like to find out which will be the best investment plan that can pay a [read more]
Published at 24 Aug. 2016 in: Trading
Im ready to start with a 5minutes investor, what is the next step [read more]
Published at 23 Aug. 2016 in: Accelerated Investor Forex trading 1 answer
Ejay asked:
I am new to Investers club and am done registering,way foward to know this is [read more]
Published at 22 Aug. 2016 in: Investing Investing online 1 answer

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Choppies, the Botswana retail chain recently listed on the JSE. Would this stock be a good long term buy consdiering...[read more]
Published at 28 Jun. 2016 1 answer
How much do I have to start with to invest because am still a student and who must I contact to have valid answers, I...[read more]
Published at 02 Aug. 2016 2 answers
Francois i need the brokers email as i lost it for the penny shares please send it to me at mafuta@thegolf.co.za[read more]
Published at 03 Jul. 2016 1 answer
Hi Francois. Sephaku has really been hit hard, but could this signal a time to buy? At roughly R3,80 it might be a good...[read more]
Published at 01 Jul. 2016 1 answer
Hi, Ethos Capital of Ethos Private EQuity will be listing on JST 05 Aug 2016. Will this be a good short term profit...[read more]
Published at 17 Jul. 2016 1 answer
How do are start to invest as a have registered[read more]
Published at 19 Jul. 2016 1 answer
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